Menu Planning: How to Save Money and Eat Better the Easy Way!

Menu Planning to save money and eat more organic

As we kick off another new year it gives everyone a chance to pause and reflect. Consider what went well last year and what we might want to work on going forward. I hear from a lot of moms who want to incorporate more organic food into their family’s diet. They say they just don’t know how or are too overwhelmed by the choices available. One way to keep your budget in check with the ability Read more

Natural & Organic Thanksgiving Weekend Deals

Organic Thanksgiving Weekend Deals

*Updated for Cyber Monday!*

Happy Thanksgiving! Whether you are online relaxing after a busy day or holed up in a corner on your phone avoiding family (not judging!), there are some great deals that are already in full effect on Amazon. I’ll be keeping  this post updated throughout the weekend with anything I see. This is the time to send some hints out to your spouse or other family members or even just to snag some great deals yourself to update your kitchen. Read more

Mom’s Famous Taco Dip

Moms Famous Taco Dip - Easy Organic Version

Growing up we saw my mom’s side of the family more often than my dad’s. Mostly because they lived slightly closer to us. Partially because the mom’s usually set up the get-togethers so naturally she and her sisters leaned toward each other. There were several dishes that I would consider staples at our family gatherings. One of the big ones is this now famous taco dip. It wasn’t always the same person making it, but the dip was always there and always well-loved. Read more

Amazon Prime Day is Here!

If you haven’t heard, tomorrow, July 11 is Amazon Prime Day. Over the past few years, this day (Amazon’s ‘birthday’) has grown in popularity because of the amazing deals featured, sometimes even better than Black Friday prices! The only catch is they are available to Amazon Prime members exclusively.
If you are not already a member, I can give you plenty of reasons but it all boils down to the fact that you can find pretty much anything on Amazon, usually at a very competitive price and with Prime it will be on your doorstep in 2 days…for free. This is the perfect time to Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial and get all the great deals! Special prices have actually already started to trickle in and states the official start time for Prime Day will be 9:00 pm on July 10 (tonight)!  Read more

Fast and Easy Salsa Chicken (and why I LOVE the Instant Pot)

Fast Easy Organic Meal Instant Pot Salsa Chicken perfect for rushed weeknight dinner tacos

We have all been there – you plan to start a meal in the slow cooker before you leave the house in the morning but life gets crazy and it doesn’t happen. You get home with limited time until dinner and 100% of the meat in your house is frozen solid. This is when we usually turn to take out or pizza, but there is a better way! I am sure you have heard about the super popular kitchen gadget the Instant Pot. The hype is true, you can honestly have dinner on the table straight from the freezer in under an hour. Much less depending on the recipe including this fast and easy Instant Pot salsa chicken.  Read more