Six (6!) Months

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I recently celebrated the 6 month anniversary of this blog. 6 months! Seems like it flew by. At the same time it seems like I have been doing this for much longer. The celebration was quiet and private. As you may have noticed I have not been very active with my blog recently. I think there are a lot of reasons for that and a lot of excuses I can make (see below).  At the same time 6 months is a significant marker that I do want to acknowledge.

So, happy anniversary to me and Organic Meal Mechanic. Looking back to April when I officially posted for the first time I can’t help but think about all I have learned in such a short time. Not many people realize this, but there is so much more to maintaining a blog than just writing a post whenever you want. There are sooooo many other little things to consider that all add up to bettering your chance of being successful (i.e. seen) if they are done in the right way.

You have to use certain words in certain places so google will like your page. You have to phrase things certain ways so facebook will show your link when you share it. Instagram and Pinterest require different phrases. For a food blog you have to get clearance on some recipes. The pictures have to be beautiful and eye catching. The recipes have to be made and made again to make sure they are correct. Then there are about a million little technical setting details that come up. Things are always changing. And that really only scratches the surface.

I don’t say this to complain or even to explain away my absence. Only to tell you that this blogging thing was a little (a lot) more overwhelming than I anticipated. I thought I was as prepared as possible when I kicked things off 6 months ago. I had read all about starting a blog. And had been following a food blog advice site for months, absorbing the information. I knew certain details would need to be maintained. Turned out keeping up with all of that on top of keeping up with my 2 kids, my husband and my household was just too much.

I don’t handle stress all that well and between having both kids home all day every day over the summer then the pressure of getting them back to school, it was a lot for me. Especially while trying to be very involved with both of their schools and my beloved MOPS group. Oh and I am still a regular contributor on Detroit Moms Blog! I know my situation is not unique, I know all moms are super busy and I have no right to complain. I guess I am writing all this as more of a reminder to my future self. Maybe some day I can look back and remember how crazy life can get while patting myself on the back for now having a better system to control the madness.

That is exactly what I am working on. I have been praying for the ability to have more discipline in my schedule. Yes my days are crazy busy, but whose aren’t? I am working to find the ‘Fringe Hours‘ (loved this book – had to listen to the audio version so I could multi task) in my day to invest in this blog. I have been feeling very guilty because they say if you don’t make time for something it isn’t important to you. But that isn’t true for me. This blog is still very important to me. I still am always thinking about it and coming up with ideas for future posts or recipes. I have tons of notes on my phone and around the house, I just need to get it all together.

So this check-in serves not only as a quick ‘hello, I didn’t forget about you!’ but also as a charge to myself to focus my time on what is important. For me one big important thing is helping other crazy busy moms fit organic food into their lives. That is what this is all about. With that in mind I am going to be expanding my focus a little bit here to include more organic lifestyle information.

I get asked all the time ‘what do you use for xx?’ or ‘who has the best xx?’ I want to be able to share awesome product finds with you that will help you on the journey to a more natural lifestyle without breaking the bank. Also, I am always finding great deals that I would love to pass along. I could never keep up the pace of a deal blog (for a great one check out All Natural Savings). When I do see a great price on something I know you will love I want to tell you. Beyond recipes but food is still my main focus and I believe the most important first step in removing toxins from your life.

Before I officially started this blog I had been thinking about it for more than a year. Over that time I knew I would eventually start something official so I would frequently document my recipes and process in cooking dinner. I thought I would just have all these posts ready to go from my months of documentation. Turns out it wasn’t that simple for a lot of reasons. I do think the idea behind it was good. Now days food photography is a huge part of having a successful cooking blog. While I love photography, I don’t know much about the technical side of things. My camera is currently always on auto setting.

I am working hard to learn more and I am proud of the recipes I have photographed over the past 6 months. The thing is, a great picture might draw more attention to a pinterest post but it doesn’t make the food taste any better. I have all these great recipes that my family has loved over the last few years. All made with easy organic swaps, and documented with the intent of sharing with others at some point. They just have crappy iphone photos.

I recently realized that a year from now I will probably look back at my ‘good’ pictures like these (love those colors) and laugh at what I thought was so great at the time. So why not use the photos I spent time composing on my phone? The food is still great, the recipes will still be helpful. At some point I will go back and re-do the photos. For now, you may be seeing a lot of average looking phone pictures. I just want to be able to share the food! And really the pictures all taken while rushing to get the food on the table is realistic. Maybe you can relate 🙂

So…6 months in. I had to step away for a minute but I’m back baby and I know it will be better than ever. Thank you for coming on the journey with me. Thank you to all of the wonderful supporters I have. So much encouragement from fellow bloggers and friends has meant a lot to me. My sister who always takes time to comment on my posts and my dear husband who tells anyone who will listen about this blog. I could never do this alone. As I move forward please comment, share, reach out. I would love to know what organic living questions you have, of any kind! I just want to help more people live a life with less toxins, especially the littlest people who need it the most!

8 thoughts on “Six (6!) Months

  1. Hi Jessica and congrats on your first six months. Having just passed the year mark from the time I began building my blog I can certainly sympathize. I don’t believe that the average reader has any idea of how much work goes into a post. More importantly, how important a small comment is. In the end, for me anyway, that comment means my blog is alive. Keep up the good work.

  2. Keep it up Jessica! I don’t care if it’s a crappy photo, I want to see the good! I get excited when you post a new one!

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