About Me

Hi I’m Jessica, I love to cook and over the past 7 years I’ve developed a passion for feeding my family organic and natural foods as much as possible at home.  I’m a super busy mom of 2 so making recipes quick, easy, and budget-friendly is just as important to me as making food my picky-eaters will love!

Organic Mechanic Family

Organic Meal Mechanic is your resource for family friendly recipes that can easily be made with 100% organic and natural ingredients – or just a few, whatever works for you.  I’ll show you easy meals for busy families plus where to find organic ingredients and how to help fit them into your grocery budget.

I was born, raised, and still live in the Detroit area. I love Michigan – even in February!  After my daughter was born in 2009 I dedicated myself to learning about organic foods, the thought of putting toxic chemical pesticide residue into her little tummy was terrifying to me.  Quite frankly I got to a point where it was almost paralyzing and I came to be super controlling.  I’ve since realized there has to be a balance – I know she is going to get food I might not approve of at school, birthday parties, sports activities, and we like to eat out regularly and travel.  I knew I had to step back and let her enjoy these things so I took control where I could – in our house, in my kitchen.

We now eat almost entirely organically at home. I feel good about the food I feed my family but it has been a slow change over the years to get to this point.  My recipes are designed to show you how you too can realistically feed your family an organic diet at home, but if you are just starting your organic journey or find you don’t have a specific organic ingredient on hand you can easily replace with conventional, to whatever degree you are comfortable.

I have also been a full time stay at home mom for the past 6 years while I have been on this organic journey.  That means we have been a single income household so I understand it can sometimes be hard to justify paying more for organic. I’ll show you why some things are more important and ways to save on organic products so you can decide for yourself what is worth it.

Join me on my mission to help our kids reduce the toxins and chemicals in their diets.  You don’t have to swap out your favorite meatloaf for tofu to have your food be better for you.  Simply trading conventional ground beef for grass-fed and easily switching the other ingredients for their organic versions gives you a meal you can feel great about your family eating and they get the same food they already love!

Sure it would be ideal if we all could grow our own produce, know exactly where our meat comes from, churn our own butter, but that just isn’t realistic.  The selection of organic products in all grocery stores is rapidly increasing which can help keep your meals easy and quick.  Just switching out that cream of chicken soup in your favorite casserole for organic cream of chicken will benefit your health in the long run.  It takes baby steps, but you too can fix your families meals to be less toxic!

All of my recipes are tried and true on my own family.  A lot of my pictures are just quickly taken in the rush of getting dinner on the table, food photography is something I am working to get better at but this is real life, this is how we actually eat, so I know this process can work for you too.

You can sign up soon for my email list so you don’t miss a recipe.  I would love to connect with you on social media – I am always sharing deals I find, so you know you don’t want to pass those up!