Amazon Prime Day is Here!

If you haven’t heard, tomorrow, July 11 is Amazon Prime Day. Over the past few years, this day (Amazon’s ‘birthday’) has grown in popularity because of the amazing deals featured, sometimes even better than Black Friday prices! The only catch is they are available to Amazon Prime members exclusively.
If you are not already a member, I can give you plenty of reasons but it all boils down to the fact that you can find pretty much anything on Amazon, usually at a very competitive price and with Prime it will be on your doorstep in 2 days…for free. This is the perfect time to Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial and get all the great deals! Special prices have actually already started to trickle in and states the official start time for Prime Day will be 9:00 pm on July 10 (tonight)! 

Why Prime?

Still think you don’t need Prime? You don’t know how much you do until you try it. Honestly! I realized 2 years ago the inherent value in Prime membership. As a full time SAHM I am pretty much with at least 1 kid 24/7. I was doing a kitchen deep clean (which rarely happens around here!) and I noticed my oven fan filter was disgusting and the oven hood light cover was partially melted (yikes!). I pried both pieces out and set aside, planning to put them in the car so I could try to remember to find time to stop by the hardware store at some point and hunt down replacements.

Shopping at big box not needed with amazon prime free 2 day delivery
We did come across one cool thing when we got lost shopping at a big box store! Still wasted a lot of time.
Shopping anywhere with kids has the potential to become a nightmare fast. But going into a HUGE place that I am mostly unfamiliar with, to locate products I know nothing about (and the store has a reputation of lacking helpful employees) was entirely unappealing. I figured I had better do a little research online first so I at least would know what I was looking for. As with most purchases I research online I checked to see the reviews of different brands. No, customer reviews can’t be blindly trusted, but if you read over enough it is easy to get an idea of how accurate the ratings are. I found the exact size match for both pieces quickly and (finally) realized there was no reason for me to drag my son through a big box store! I found the parts on Amazon, they were both part of the Prime program, Amazon prices are generally very competitive. Why not just take advantage of FREE 2-day shipping and have them delivered to my doorstep? I probably wouldn’t have made it to the store within 2 days anyway and who knows how long I would have put it off?

There is no minimum for free 2-day shipping on most Prime items, I remember waiting to get enough items in my ‘cart’ to meet the free shipping minimum before Prime could be pretty annoying, and I know it has been raised since then. I now use it for pretty much anything – all of our toiletries, cleaning products, some groceries, and of course any gift giving occasion or books and games for the kids. It is so simple, there is even a subscribe and save option for products you know you will need again (think dishwasher tabs, laundry detergent, shampoo) that automatically ships at a time interval you select (and can cancel if not needed), plus gives you an extra discount on top just for using it!

Amazon boxes stacked prime free 2 day delivery gift shopping
My garage in December, this stack grew higher still! Best Black Friday deals without leaving my house.
Anyway, I obviously love it, I think everyone should have it. There is nothing more valuable than your time so it is totally worth paying a small fee for a service that helps you control more of it. I’m excited to see what happens with the recent Whole Foods merger as well. I think it is going to be a great thing – more people having access to affordable organic food can’t be bad.Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

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amazon prime day free 2 day delivery packages delivered to porch
The delivery people are not always the best at concealing the fact I have packages waiting on my porch. It always makes me laugh.

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