Organic Living: Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Organic Mothers Day gift ideas

Here at Organic Meal Mechanic I focus mainly on food. However when my husband recently asked me ‘what do you want for mother’s day?’ it dawned on me that my answers might be worth sharing. If you have a special mom/aunt/daughter/wife/grandma/sister who is interested in living a more natural and organic life, I have some great organic Mother’s Day gift ideas to help celebrate them this weekend.

Moms are known for putting themselves last.  After getting everyone else’s needs taken care of, there isn’t a lot of time left for a mom to indulge herself. Here are 7 ideas to help you spoil the mom you love without compromising quality and values. These are items on my Mother’s Day wishlist and products I currently use and love.

Mothers Day Organic Gift Ideas

Organic Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. Natural Silk Sleep Mask – Getting 8 solid hours of sleep is rare for a mom in any phase. Help her make what little sleep she gets count. This sleep mask blocks out all light while the smooth natural silk material is comfortable and relaxing.
  2. Organic Cotton Slippers – There is a lot of evidence showing how bad wearing shoes indoors can be for your family’s health. Cozy, comfy slippers can help keep mom’s feet warm without bringing more germs in the house. They are made of organic cotton and super cute.
  3. Organic Cotton Bathrobe – Sure a robe is a little cliche for a Mother’s Day gift, but it is popular for a reason! Mom will love that this super soft robe is made from 100% organic cotton while being comfortable and practical.
  4. Organic Bamboo Cutting Board – I had to throw one food related product in! I love using a wooden style cutting board in the kitchen. This one is made from sustainable, organic bamboo that will stand up to years of kitchen prep.
  5. Organic Bath Bomb Set – Taking a nice hot bath is the ultimate in relaxation. Help mom make time for herself with a little incentive from these luxurious bath bombs made from natural and organic ingredients. They are scented with essential oils, there is even one called ‘Stressed Moms’!
  6. Organic Coconut Wax Candle – Every mom loves candles, but did you know traditional candles burn off dangerous toxins which you then breathe in? And soy wax candles are almost always made from GMO soy. These candles, made from organic coconut oil, are naturally scented with essential oils, vegan, and cruelty free. Plus a portion of every purchase goes to benefit animal welfare and each glass is decorated with real 22k gold making it a perfect luxurious gift.
  7. Bluetooth Headphones – OK, these are not organic or natural at all, but they have made a big difference in my quality of life! A greater focus on eating organic naturally means more home cooked meals. More home cooked meals means more time spent in the kitchen. In a lot of households (like mine) everything from meal prep to cooking to clean up and dishes (so many dishes) falls on the shoulders of mom. I started using these headphones to listen to podcasts while I was cleaning up and washing dishes. Now I also use that time to catch up on some of my favorite reality shows through apps on my phone while these headphones still give me freedom to move around. I actually look forward to dish washing now….at least some of the time!

Overall moms aren’t picky when it comes to gifts. We are grateful for any bit of recognition or feedback that we are doing a good job. Any mom will be thrilled to receive a thoughtful gift and a handmade card. Help the special mom in your life celebrate herself this weekend!

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